WordPress multisite sub-directory to sub-domain

Switching wordpress multisite sub-directory setup to sub-domain network…

At first, I’ve installed my wordpress multisite with path-based (sub-directory). But then, I would like to switch it to domain-based (sub-domain). I’ve read through wordpress codex and learned that there is no problem at the script end. At some point, the doc mention that you might need of wildcard subdomain configuration. But this is not necessary. After all I’m using GoDaddy shared hosting and it is still possible without wildcard config.

The wildcard subdomain config may require if you are offering blog hosting. If you are doing it for your own personal wordpress multisite then wildcard subdomain config is not necessary required. We can do it manual way to setup each new site addition.

You just have to do two things:
1. create CNAME and point to @
2. create virtual subdomain and point to the same doc root. i.e. /

Then wait awhile and everything should work. Having said that wordpress installation should be at html document root. If not, it might need to tweak .htaccess rewrite base. I’ve also read that GoDaddy will ask to purchase a dedicated IP if you want to do wildcard subdomain and yes of course they should! If you happen to configure your own Bind DNS and Apache httpd then this will become obvious.