Upgrading Fedora 22 from 21

Quick notes:

As F22 around in corner, I have upgraded today from F21, using official fedup of course. Easy!

fedup --network 22

Upgrade process went smooth and rebooted, chose ‘Twenty Two’ kernel and booted. But my laptop Dell VOSTRO 3550 greeted with BLACK screen instead of Gnome login, duh! A quick search found, probably I might be encountered this known issue or bug. Here is what I did.

  • CRTL + ALT + F2
  • login in as root (or admin account which has sudo)
  • vi /etc/gdm/custom.conf
  • uncomment line #WaylandEnable=false
  • reboot

That’s is, back into business again! After that just follow up with the post upgrade.
Major changes in F22:

  • Yum has replaced by DNF – the next generation yum.