Ban a brute force attacking IP using iptables

This is a quick way to ban a brute force attacking IP using iptables. For a better long term solution, use iptables wrapper or a Firewall package such as Shorewall, gShield, etc..

On Host


Forcing user to change their passwords upon login

This is to force a user to change their passwords upon (probably first time) login. As a root, change the password expiration date 0 to ensure user change the password in next login.

You can do the same for the existing user. Just issue chage -d 0 command on … Continue reading

Installing ejabberd

A quick note on installing ejabbered Jabber/XMPP instant messaging server. Erlang

ejabberd yum

ejabberd Linux bin To install

This will install into /opt/ejabberd-1.1.3/ To start/stop:

To uninstall/clean

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Performing trace route check to server

A quick note for trace route check to server. This is to troubleshoot network connectivity and network hops between client to server. Windows At cmd.exe command prompt, run this command:

Wait awhile until cursor reappear as next line. After that send tracert-domainname.txt file to network support or read it … Continue reading