Setting up Linux FTP server

Setting up Linux FTP server

A quick note for how to setup FTP server on Linux. Most of the ftp server configuration is placed under /etc/<ftp_server_daemon_name>.conf. Refer to README or documentation for more.


  • Good for single user or small amount of user setup such as hosting big file, software, video, and media.
  • It comes with almost every distribution.


  • One of the good choice for multiple user setup. The configuration is conventional way of Apache like config syntax. It has many front end web GUI.
  • Widely use daemon on most hosting platform.

  • With mysql or pgsql support:


  • Another good choice for multiple user setup. Easy traditional Unix configuration syntax. Good command line tools supplied as default (pure-pw utility).
  • Try with yum/apt at first attempt

  • If not, build from source
  • Assume you have RPM build environment and necessary development tools
  • You should always check latest package at

  • With Mysql

  • With Postgresql