Font rendering on Fedora 20 including IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse

I’ve made a short note about it before. Here is similar but a slight different approach and detail. If you have gnome-tweak-tool and have done tweaking font setting, it should probably look like this.

Then install freetype-freeworld from repo.

Then do this to actually enables the subpixel … Continue reading

Running KVM on Fedora 20 and firewall issue

This should be straight forward, isn’t it. But….

You will probablly use NAT and yes you can ping (because of virbr0). But you can’t reach host from guest’s internet browser, something like won’t work. That’s because libvirt-daemon-config-network package use iptables. Fedora 20 by default uses Firewalld and … Continue reading

SQLDeveloper 4 on Fedora 20

UPDATE: The launch script modification is no longer required for Oracle SQL Developer 4.0.3 ( on Fedora 21. See comment. There is issue with SQLDeveloper 4 launch script on Fedora 20 Gnome 3 Shell. Just install sqldeveloper in usual way, either tar or rpm. Then modify as follow;

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