Install mailman on postfix mta server

Install mailman on postfix mta server

A quick note on installing mailman on postfix mta server


  • Install latest Mailman through yum

  • Directory created by mailman yum installation (above command)

Integrate with postfix

  • Now do change mailman home and owner setting respect to your system

  • We need symbolic link from our mailman home directory.

  • Let do piping on postfix in order to deliver mailman lists.

  • Now we need to set necessary password before starting mailman service

  • Now we must add initial site-wide list call mailman. This is necessary list to create, in order run mailman.

  • From above message about adding to aliases map, we may ignore since we use script.
  • Now we need to start mailman and restart apache httpd service.

  • Now go and check out the email you provided during site-wide mailman list account creation.
  • It should be something like:

  • Subscribe yourself with using some other email address to that ”mailman” list before going any further below steps.
  • Now we are going for final approach. Let’s config the created site-wide mailman list using default template.

  • Now visit to http://hostname/mailman/listinfo again. Then site-wide mailman list should be disappeared. That’s good.

Virtual Domain List

  • Remember, you need to repeat these steps for whenever you wanted to host virtual domain list.
  • Let’s bind to, the way we want.
  • We want list address as most usual way of, so it needs to add in mailman config.
  • You should have CNAME record for lists in your DNS.

  • Now in your httpd.conf, permanently forward lists virtual host doc root / to /mailman/listinfo

  • Restart httpd service and visit now.
  • From this point onward, you may create new list by using front admin panel or using console commands.


  • After you have successfully run up mailman and when service mailman start, you have to do one more setting for crontab.

  • Remove the word mailman that precedes the command on each line of the file.
  • For example:

  • to

  • You may double check it by

  • It should output like this: