DIY own cloud running at your backyard-garage!

Finally got my hands on DIY own cloud running at my home backyard-garage server!


Dropbox, Google Drive, as such services are very convenience to share doc and collaborate with your friends and family. But it is also a worrying trend for me that more confidential stuffs are going into cloud storage providers, like PDF scan or print-out of bills, statements, certificates, photos and yes anything, you name it! Of course you can zip password protected or AES encrypted before putting it into the cloud storage but this defect the purpose of sharing and easy convenience.

The best is DIY on the environment that you have a total control with and an affordable cost of operating it. Setting this up on a 3rd party hosting company like shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated server are still not good enough. Because a system administrator can still sneak into your hosting account space and your private files. Colocation is not so bad as you have your hands on your own server but even then someone who has physically access to your machine might still able to go into your server, and cost of colocation is not so cheap.

It is a good DIY and also help sharpening my daily system admin exercise – like you would go gym for your health. It is not so difficult per se and just requires a bit of system administration knowledge. I might write up about how-to article later. It is still working in progress and you can demo it at here.