Bash shell commands for daily administration tasks

The following are a bash shell commands for daily administration tasks.

Shell User

  • $ vs # — shell user privilege indicator

Check who is in shell

Write message to user


Force logout user

  • Alternatively, command w to see the user, then ps -u the user to check PID and kill -9 <PID>.

Check all service

Check individual service

Check logs

Check quota

Top memory process

(press Shift + m by sorting memory descending)



Check process

(grep specific daemon)

  • To show all processes running on your system, at the prompt, type the following:

  • Table description

Kill the process


  • Check which IP is being blocked by tcpwrapper

(removing a blocked IP)

(adding a trusted IP)

Check shell commands history

Check manual of a program

Locating another command or program

  • Note: updatedb is system database update for locate command.

Multiple (in-shell) Terminals

  • Like multiple desktop manager, you can have multiple terminal/console using screen utility tool.

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