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Polymorphism in Java

Github UPDATE: You can now clone or download BlueJ project from github. https://github.com/victorskl/demo-java Polymorphism in OOP Polymorphism is kind of powerful concept in Object-oriented programming. The following are quick overview. simply means many forms object variable reference polymorphic value, i.e. referencing many underlying concept is computer memory storage i.e. how … Continue reading

Rebuild postfix with mysql support from source rpm

Rebuild postfix with mysql support from source rpm… Assume that you have rpm build development environment and required development packages like mysql-devel. If not yet done those, install them first through yum. Checking lib support Which lib has already supported with your installed postfix?

How to check whether your … Continue reading

Bash shell commands for daily administration tasks

The following are a bash shell commands for daily administration tasks. Shell User $ vs # — shell user privilege indicator

Check who is in shell

Write message to user

write-a-message-to-login-users-through-terminal tty

Force logout user

Alternatively, command w to see the user, then ps -u … Continue reading